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"The vulnerability of it. The art of it all. Hugo $anchez is truly an artist. The way he writes and delivers his message is nothing but just absolute over-the-top talent."

LVL To The Room Artist Feature: Hugo $anchez

"From his flow, to his beats, to his lyrical content he is the whole package. Hugo $anchez’s music is a full on head nodder! The kind of rare artist that makes you just want to close your eyes, hit the blunt one more time and bob your head back and forth. The rare kind of rhythm master that makes the party quiet down so everyone can listen to the lyrics better."

Hugo $anchez & Robzilla - Sofar Sounds Gainesville

Hugo & DJ Robzilla rock the house for The Gainesville edition of Sofar sounds as the first GNV Hip-Hop act to be featured on Sofar. Watch live video of "Brown Privilege" off the "Bad Hombres" Album.

Hugo Talks Opening For Big Freedia - The Independent Alligator

"Big Freedia’s opener Hugo $anchez is an ever-expanding Gainesville hip-hop artist whose themes often grapple with politics and social justice matters as well. His most recent album, “Bad Hombres,” delves into those topics.

Despite his frustrations with the slow progress in minority representation, $anchez said he feels encouraged by the uptake in youth activism today, particularly surrounding the #NeverAgain movement against gun violence."

Avenue’s Essential Local Playlist

Hugo featured on The Avenue's playlist of Essential Gainesville Artists!

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Changeville 2018 Photoset - LVL To The Room

Excellent photoset of Hugo $anchez, Retrolux and Princess Nokia from Changeville 2018.

Hugo Talks Changeville 2018 - The Independent Alligator

"Sanchez’s stage presence is gritty, energetic and unapologetic. He’s a spitball of emotion, using his rap as a gateway to talk about relevant political topics that relate to him as well as his audience.

His most recent album, “Bad Hombres,” was released Jan. 21 and includes a variety of tracks that discuss problems marginalized people are currently experiencing."

Best Hip-Hop of January 2018 - BandCamp

"The best MC name of the month pays respect to an iconic ’80s Mexican soccer player.

Hugo $anchez represents the underground Fort Lauderdale scene with a style that fuses a boom-bap mentality with melodic G-funk touches."

Hugo Opens For Wu-Tang's Raekwon The Chef - The Independent Alligator

"More than anything, Sanchez is writing for himself. But he’s also writing for the people who grew up like he did — as latchkey kids raised by television."

A Rapper's Beginning - The Independent Alligator

"Bass soon shook the wood-paneled walls as Sanchez — clad in blue jeans, a floral print button-down and his signature black-framed glasses — debuted his original hip-hop."

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